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Stepping up and being a great groom, the official guide

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The groom has his own role to play in planning out his big day, there is plenty of responsibilities that you bride-to-be is burdened with in getting involved in actively preparing for the wedding is always a helping hand that is welcomed. We’ve put together a guide that will give you a better explanation on the role of being a groom.

Working together with your fiance in planning the three most important things to do at the initial stages of planning involves the guest list, the ceremony and reception venues and the date of the wedding. Any help that you could give your fiance manage this will help you save plenty of money and also help her in organising efficiently.

Voicing your preferences

there is so much to put together before the big day arrives, it’s your big day too, you could take charge on a few things that interest you. Organising the food menu and tasting with the caterers or even the music playlists that you would want the band or DJ playing, or perhaps even the props of the venue.

Shopping for your gifts

common etiquette suggests that the groom by the best man a gift so the responsibility of picking one is yours. Sometimes we have grooms that also surprise brides with a gift to open on the next morning of the wedding.

Choosing the right outfits

discuss with your fiance well in advance on the outfit that you’re looking to purchase to stay aligned with the colour schemes chosen by her for the theme of the wedding. You would want your tie to be mismatched with the scheme, or if it is a semiformal wedding you would want your outfit being in completely different direction in comparison to hers.

Putting together your wedding registry

make the most out of carefully putting together the gift registry with your fiancé, these everyday items could be helpful and would be of need at your house, given the fact that someone else would be buying it for you makes it even more motivating to do so.

Give your fiance time-off preparing from the wedding

your fiance could be overloaded with the work of planning your wedding, stepping-in and getting to relax and de-stress by planning an evening out, a movie or even cooking her a meal will put a smile on her face.

Managing the groomsmen

ensuring that picked a bunch of friends that can be responsible in managing in a tasks can help you delegate the many jobs that need to be done on the day of the wedding. Communicate with them and share what is expected from them in advance.

Preparing for the first dance

it is your duty to lead the dancing set with your fiance for the first dance. Keep in mind that you have all eyes on you and it is a very special moment for your fiancé. Take dance classes required and also enlist a choreographer that will sequence the entire routine for you.

Honeymoon planning

this is a mushy the trip that your fiance looks forward to, putting everything together is a fun to do activity and would be far less thing to do for your fiance. Get an idea in advance of what her likes and dislikes are and accordingly plan and itinerary and destination.

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Planning a beach wedding? Here is a hands-on guide

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We caught up with Stacy Allen( WW Goa) who recently planned destination wedding in Goa, India, that had a beautiful beach ceremony and the reception and the nearby restaurant. Stacy, specialises in destination weddings across Asia and Europe. Here are her thoughts what you should keep in mind when setting out to plan a beach wedding.

How difficult or easy is it for a couple planning for a destination wedding?

Planning a destination weddings has its own pros and cons, if a couple is visited the location in advance it is much easier for the two of them to picture is the setting. Coordinating with vendors is a most difficult part in the most time-consuming one.

What was a setting for the wedding you recently planned in Goa?

Goa is a beautiful location for a beach wedding, this wedding was a sunset wedding, which had the sounds of the ocean in the background, clear blue skies and the setting sun. We laid out comfortable seating arrangement on the golden sand with floral decor and drapes all across.

How does the couple choose the venues for the ceremony and reception?

We recommend starred hotel chains for clients, as these are easier to coordinate with and setup based on the preferences of the couple. Starred hotels have pre allocated space, both indoors and outdoors that the couple can view pictures of and decide upon.

What about travel and accommodation options?

We work with local travel agents that are internationally present making it convenient for reservations and flight plans.

How do you go about choosing vendors? Is negotiating difficult?

We have a small team of local wedding planners present at locations that are experienced and well-qualified in managing a destination wedding that works with shortlisting vendor’s and managing them. Negotiations are also channelized through a local vendors as well.

What destinations a popular? And how many months in advance you required to plan and outstation wedding?

Places such as Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Goa and The Maldives are very popular destinations in Asia. Europe has a few favourites as well such as Paris and Spain. We would require at least 4 to 6 months to plan and outstation wedding depending on the number of guests.

What does one have to plan for will having a wedding on the beach?

The climatic conditions for the day how the first thing one should consider. If the weather is hot and humid providing your guests with easy access to refreshments or hand towels is helpful. If it is a windy evening informing guests in advance so that they accordingly adjust the clothing attire along with the here and make-up. If the evenings get little chillier, inform your guest to carry warm clothing along with them.

Any tips the bride?

Here and make-up can be quite tricky for a wedding on the beach due to the warm weather to make up could wear-off or your hair could be blown with the breeze, so is necessary that you inform your here and make-up stylists in advance so that they can plan accordingly.

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Anticipating reception disasters? We will give you a heads up!

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It’s difficult to anticipate what might go wrong on the day of the wedding, it shouldn’t happen to anyone but being aware of how you can quickly fixed the problem is a huge stress reliever.

The dress gets ruined

the scenario :it’s a day of the wedding and there are signs of rain showers in the next few hours you need to get inside the chapel without messing your here and make-up and dress. You also have to find Plan B to shoot photos now that can’t do it outdoors.

The solution: the best way forward is to embrace the situation and improvise. Have a member of the bridal party visit the nearest road and pickup a dozen umbrellas preferably matching the wedding colours. A last-minute touchup by the hairstylist at the ceremony venue would help fix your hair. Toget good wedding photos during a rainy morning would be to get a few pairs of rain boots and matching umbrella for a romantic photo shoot in the pleasant weather.

Adjust the Fix Of Your Dress With These Quick Fixes

The scenario: your little flower girls and ring bearer kids overindulge in your sugary treats and now are racing all-around the former venue

The solution: get a few toys or a box of crayons at the place that they are to be seated and instead of sugar serve other types of food. To avoid them running around the ceremony venue hire an extra room at the hotel where they can watch movies or have some kind of entertainment like a clown or a magician.

The scenario: you know that everybody has consumed more drinks than usual and you are unsure of how they would drive back

The solution: Before the wedding ensure that you book buses or Service from the venue to the city of ensure that they all get home safely. Guest could also leave their vehicles at the wedding venue and have them picked up the next day and take the arrange transport to get home.

The scenario: the floral decor is beginning to wilt and you’re not even halfway through the wedding ceremony

The solution: Hardy groom choices for your floral decor are a better choice hissy to not lose easily and easily last longer hours environment set of hot and humid. Going with the flower types of sunflowers, daisies, lilies or dahlias have the safest bet you can make. The stems of these flowers tend to be Woody and the petals much tougher as compared to the other floral varieties. Gardenias, tulips and similar flowers are supersoft and could wilt easier.

The scenario: terms agreed with the vendor in the contract for over the phone and those little details were negotiated after you signed a written contract. Paying the additional amount is not on the cards, Saudi you insure that you cover everything that isn’t in the contract signed.

Wedding Myths Explained In Detail

The solution: every time you have a meeting with your vendors make sure that you get it all that was discussed in writing. In case you have made changes after you signed the contract, may show that you drop them an email confirming the discussion in brief highlighting the changes that have been made. In this way you have no confusing thoughts on what was decided and what wasn’t included when the bills arrive.

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Protect your wedding here is how!

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we spoke to an insurance agent to give us all the information that you might need to protect your wedding. Protecting your wedding is something you must know about irrespective of whether you decide to go with it or not.

Sean Wiggles, and Allstate agent, from San Antonio Texas tie the knot couple of years ago and uses his perspective on why a couple should think beyond venues and dresses.

Insuring a wedding ring is the first step you should consider. I proposed to my then girlfriend and now wife and she had a sights set on a ring that was designed at a local jeweller store. Got it insured the very next day for loss, theft, and damage which is usually a standard insurance policy. Have two own a home owner’s policy it is also very easy to add the ring to it or even create a new one. I got this done as a friend was holding a ring for his girlfriend in his car which was unfortunately stolen, he neither had the coverage nor does an auto insurance cover it. Learning from which I immediately decided to insure mine.

Wedding Ring Insurance 101

Something you might not be aware of is that you can combine insurances taken as a homeowner, renters or even auto policies once you’re married and more than often companies of also provide you discount if you bundle them together. Sean says that he had a discounted premium on his renters policy when combined it with a spouse and also save a little extra by combining the car policies as well.” Getting a life insurance policy for unforeseen circumstances is also a great idea”says Sean.

You also have the options of insuring the entire event and cover you from liabilities such as a vendor dropping out or even if the venue that you booked shuts down its business. Getting insurance to cover your event would help to recover money that you paid as a deposit if at all there is any cancellation. Most of an insurance also give insurers the option to take on medical emergency or damage protection as well. Before booking the venue check with the vendor whether the venue has event liability insurance. There are plenty of reputable companies that provide you with event insurance and is inexpensive means of giving you peace of mind.

Couples today also have the option to ensure their valuable wedding gifts. Most valuables can be insured however items such as gold and silver where in artworks might require an additional cover. Although most items are covered under the homeowners or renters policy, items are covered under valuables could be things that are collectable and appreciate quickly in value. The experience insurance agent would able to guide you on what your policy limits are.


Incredible fun at a baby cake smash

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My cousin had just arrived from the UK for a vacation, and could not wait to show us the photos from her baby daughters first birthday. We were expecting to see the usual baby snaps, but she actually had her friend who is a professional baby photographer shoot the session in her studio. This was something relatively new to us, so we have decided to do an article on having a cake smash party!


Maternity and baby photography has gained quite a following in recent years, something which will not come as a surprise but originated in the US. Here we talk to Natasha Hanna from about baby smash photography.

Q:Hi Natasha, what made you get into photographing cake smash parties?

NH- I decided to specialise in maternity and baby photography about 3 years ago, as it was an area where I had a real passion for producing creative images. The cake smash parties were really just an extension from maternity and baby photography. Usually if I do the maternity and newborn shoots, many of the parents come back to me and book the baby smash in advance. A baby’s first birthday is a real milestone, so what better way to celebrate than having your baby make a mess with a cake, whilst capturing all the fun images.


How is the session scheduled?

NH- The session is generally booked on or around the baby’s first birthday. The session lasts between 1-2 and is broken down into three parts. We start with the pre-smash images, where the baby is dressed in their favourite outfit. We then move on to the messy part the actual smash, where the baby is presented with the lovely cake and allowed to get on with eating and making a big mess in many cases, which is wonderful fun. Finally once they get bored of playing with the cake, it’s bath and splash time, which again is incredible fun for the babies.


How much do you charge for the sessions and what is included?

NH- The session costs £95 for the 1-2 hours at my studio in Walton-on-thames. The fee includes the 3 mini shoot sessions, the cake, a choice of styling/themes for the day, a 6 jpeg image story board design and an online viewing gallery for the client’s images.

Does the fee include finished prints?

NH- No pretty much all photographers will charge separately for the images and will usually offer a number of packages for the images. I generally offer two image packages, 10 images for £295 or 25-30 which is usually the complete set for £450.

 So basically parents come along with the baby’s, enjoy a fabulous time and leave you with the mess and clean-up?

NH- Haha yes that’s right I never looked at it quite like that, although it’s not a big deal I think I enjoy the session just as much as the parents. It’s a joy to watch the baby’s having so much fun, I often feel privileged just being there, and it’s a pleasure which does not feel like work.

How far in advance should parents book their cake smash?

Saturday is by far the most popular day and the one which gets booked the fastest. I suggest booking at least 6 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. If it’s a weekday I can generally find a spot providing I have 2 weeks’ notice.

 It sounds like you really love your job, although what is the worst part about being a professional photographer?

NH- Yes I feel extremely lucky and blessed that I do love my job and have a real passion for what I do. If I had to pick just one part of my job which was not fun, I would definitely have to say it was the post editing of all the images. This takes up the majority of my time, as the editing takes longer than the shoots. Although to be honest I don’t really mind, as I enjoy reviewing the images and making sure the parents are left with delightful images of their loved ones, which they can cherish for many years to come.

Well that was fun, thank you Natasha for sharing that with us.

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Looking to beat the wedding stress? Here are a few handy tips

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Lesley Brown shares some of her top tips to help you be a calm and happy bride walking down the aisle on the big day.

The digital switch off

plan a day in the week or the weekend that you will take a break switch off your TV, mobile phone and laptop and relax with your fiance or your close friends over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Switching off from the everyday craziness of planning such a big day of the life is a great way to unwind and relax. Getting to the outdoors or even a drive will help starting afresh when you resume planning again.

Learning to meditate

give meditating a go, if you haven’t tried it before, a mere 10 minutes while put you at peace and help calm all the stress. There are plenty of apps available that you can refer to learn how to meditate, or you can always choose a yoga class instead. Choose a comfortable place at your home or even outdoors which is not distract you and also have soothing music to listen to.

Turn off the lights

Spend some quality time together with your fiance in get romantic, as is proven that sex does help reduce stress levels in the body and will definitely put a smile on your face.

Get yourself pampered

Whether it’s a quick facial a pedicure or spa weekend with your best friends it does wonders to ease appraisal mind. Melt away with an overnight spa getaway at scenic location outside the city. There are several spas that offer spa treatments specially designed for the bride-to-be that will get you rejuvenated when you get back.

Communicate with your fiancé

With a 100 things to do on your list you may not find time to communicate with your fiancé, squeezing in the quality time or even planning out a wedding planning activities together such as interacting with the venue staff or even the invites could get you both to spend a few moments together and not completely disconnect.

Getting some exercise

Going on a run, setting out to the gym or even joining an aerobic class is a workout that will help your body release endorphins keeping you in a positive frame of mind. Make sure that you do not over exert yourself and pick an activity that does not have a high risk to injuries.

Get the journal going

Putting on your thoughts to paper will help you clear your mind and reduce anxiety. Lighting will highlight and clarify what is bothering you and help you better identify and tackle the issues you face. Also reading previous notes on what stressed you out and realising what alternatives you took to solve them will keep you motivated to take on challenges at hand.

Delegating your responsibilities

Choose between your bridal party or members of your family that you can delegate tasks based on what their strong points are. If you have a bridesmaid that has strong organising skills or even your sister who’s a good negotiator will help you a long way in efficiently working with vendors and getting things done faster than you would.

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Your guy proposing: things that he will consider before doing so.

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There is so much that goes and on in a man’s mind before you pops the big question, the pressure of getting everything right and also the fact that it such an important step in his life. He’s got plenty of think of and here are the six most important things that is going through his mind.

Being sure about himself

there are plenty of emotions that drive the decision of a man being ready to ask his loved one to spend the rest of her life with him. Picturing how he sees the future of being together as a husband and wife in some date having children can get plenty of thoughts rolling in his head. Walking down the aisle is a huge moment for every guy, hence he has plenty to decide before he ensure enough about himself on taking this huge step.

The girl’s family

it is a polite gesture to give the girl family a tiny hint about wanting to marry their daughter, in some cases you also have the guy asking the bride’s father for his permission in a traditional setup.

Choosing the ring

getting the right wing is quite nervous experience as it would be something she would be wearing for the rest of her life. From getting something that she likes or getting to know what she would prefer is a task that is easier said than done.

Talking to his friends

being such a big moment of his life men will consider sharing this with their friends or even the friends of the bride just so that they can get their opinion of have a conversation on how to approach it in the right manner. He might also want to have his friends or the girl’s friends to be a part of the act in case he’s planning to surprise her

The approach

every guy wants to make the right impression and also a memorable experience and this can be quite a daunting task. From choosing the location or a significant date in the relationship or even the pressure of the reply can be very confusing to a guy. The impression cannot be a dull moment in a humiliating one can be not the best memory, among all that he has to worry about the approach being the most difficult one of them.

How he plans to express it

saying the words like ’will you marry me’is not something that is a part of every conversation especially when you want your loved one to be surprised by it. Practising every word and being calm while delivering it is nerve wrecking and can build plenty of pressure.

The moment

every guy wants to sweet time getting down to one knee at the very right moment and choosing that perfect moment takes plenty of planning and precision. There are plenty of distractions and also disturbances that may ruin the moment and it therefore has to accordingly pace himself to get it right.

Get inspired with these proposals from NFL players

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Common wedding planning myths busted

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It always has to be a white dress

it’s a traditional white gown is something that never appealed to you don’t feel the need to must wear it on the big day. There plenty of styles that you can explore such as replacing the whale with feathered head clips or a crown of fresh florals. Colours such as baby pinks, ocean blues and even floral prints of the most sought-after colours all dependent on what your personality is like. You could also combine the traditional whites with splashes of contrasting colours minimalistically embedded in the layers of the dress.

A talented friend could outdo hiring a professional

it’s always a fun element to add friends to be a part of the wedding, some of them could be dedicated in what they do, however the professional does his job for a living and hence you can expect better results on hiring one. Hiring of photographer over a friend covering the event can be quite tricky as there are moments that the photographer has to be in the right place at the right time and could miss out on capturing a memory forever. The same goes for the floral decor and even the entertainment. Professional floral designers are aware of plenty of details which summary from the business when not be aware, such as several types of flowers that wilt faster than the others which a friend may not be aware of. Music that is played for a wedding is different as compared to other events, such as selecting a playlist of songs appropriate to suit the occasion.

Reciprocating an invite because you were invited

the big day is all about you and celebrating it with people that mean most to you. Do not feel pressurised to invite someone just because you attended their wedding. You could always inform them at a later date that you had to limit the guest list due to constraints of budget and space.

A wedding planner is an expense you can’t afford

having a professional organise and help you in the right direction keeping in mind the latest trends and also collecting you with what may not work can end up saving you plenty of money and also time. Remember that wedding planners have been working with vendors from the industry and have access to plenty of discounts due to the volume stay work with, with these vendor’s. You also have the option of hiring a wedding planner on the day of the wedding if you can’t afford planner for the entire event.

DIY’s could be huge money saver.

Getting things done by yourself will undoubtedly save you money but there are several things that you fit keep in mind before venturing out in that direction. Take stationary for instance, a single invite manually done in the time it would take to do hundreds may not be worth your while. Similarly things like a floral arrangement would mean that you would have to personally get to the venue and reception on the day of the wedding to ensure that you get everything decorated and ready to go. Considering that there are plenty of other things to be done on the day it may be something you should avoid.

Balancing the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

the bridal party usually comprises of people that are close to the bride and groom. If at all he has more girlfriends you may not feel obligated to even out the sides with replacements. Instead you could allocate to different tasks such as ushers readers or even have a honorary toast giver.

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Keeping technology in check for every bride

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A few mistakes that you can avoid with the use of technology and planning a wedding. Although it’s a boon in using technology stay of have from tech related mistakes in wedding planning.

Going overboard with Pinterest while planning

Pinterest is a great platform for brides and you can easily get carried away with so much of creativity and beauty. Remember that not all what you see in pictures can be easily replicated could suit your theme idea. Pinterest works better as a reference point in collecting ideas that you could share with your vendors.

Leaving your wedding dress photo on the phone

You will want your fiance to stumble upon the dress that you have picked before the wedding and ruin the big surprise. Get your best friend to shoot the photo on her phone instead of yours to refer any point of time.

Assuming that are friends phone could account for a photographer

For such an important day of your life it is best that your friends and family shoot photos as backup photographers to a hired professional. While planning the budgets ensure that you allocate well for a wedding photographer and not rely on apps friends to do the job. You do not want to stand a chance of fuzzy photographs or over exposed ones, well in the professionals to do the job for you.

Buying your dress online

There are plenty of discounts and offers it easy online, and it is very tempting to make a purchase at prices that sound too good to be true. It is best to actually visit the store and try on the fits and cuts that suits your body type rather than only focus on the price of it. The dress gathers a lot of attention and will be captured in photographs as well and you wouldn’t want to be wearing one that does not highlight your best features.

Posting out digital invites

Digital invites take away the charm of the traditional wedding invite that one would receive in their postbox. Having an invite reach your home has been always associated with weddings, and although technology has advanced this is one part that says best the traditional way.

Venting about wedding stresses on social platforms

In the spur of the moment you may take to social media to blow off some steam, but consider that your complaints might be a butt of jokes and may go viral in the public space. It is best that you meet with your close friends in communicate with them rather than regretting sharing your problems with the whole world.

Must Have Wedding Apps For Brides

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Stepping away from the traditional must do’s

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Undoubtedly traditions are classy, however sticking to the same traditions just because you have to may not be the right fit for your big day. You could add your own little twist to things making them unique to your special day.

Wearing the white dress

this day is all about you, the focus being on you, he would want to look and feel beautiful but what you with. And if the traditional white isn’t your preferences you could switch over for something complete opposite. The thumb rule being if it makes you feel good, go with it.

Mismatching the bridesmaids dresses

mixing and matching your bridesmaids dresses with similar colour palettes depending on the personalities and the likes is a nice touch to add to your bridal party. Mismatched styled look is being trending lately and also makes great photographs.

The gift list

Traditionally, you would have homeware and chinaware is gifts symbolising the couple moving to gather in a new home which is rarely seen today has most couples live together before tying the knot. Picture of the traditional gifts you could request guests to contribute towards your honeymoon or even make small donations towards something special.

Creative wedding bouquets

the shelf-life fresh flowers is very limited and if you’re one of those brides that are looking to hold onto memories of your wedding day through your bouquet you could think of creative alternatives such as artificial flowers or, brooches or even button, there are so many creative angles that you can explore.

The bridal party

you have all the attention towards you and your fiance cannot share the spotlight with the bridal party. The same time they could be difficulties in choosing among friends or the number of bridesmaids with the bride against a number of groomsmen. You could also opt for mismatch in the bridal party and have everybody together as a group.

Setting off for your honeymoon

setting another date for the honeymoon will give your chance to take a break from the running around that you be doing the last few months and just relax before you jet-set away. Living at a later date will be something that you look forward to and would also give your bank account time to replenish after all the major expenses of the wedding.

Not planning for the wedding favours

a use guest list would mean that you would have to order for plenty of favours that can be expensive. Usually, they were just left behind on the table and forgotten soon after, if you’re working with a tight budget and expense such as this can be ignored and could be alternated with things that could make guests more comfortable at the venue. Such as tiny water bottles for fresh wipes at an outdoor location or umbrellas at the venue in case of a rain or scrounging sun.

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Not planning for a wedding cake

the traditional wedding cake three tiered fruitcake and which is very common to see at most weddings. You could create something that is a bit different than the usual by serving up different coloured cupcakes or even some of your favourite deserts.

24 Traditions You Can Skip