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Welcome to AngelDV photography, here you will find all that you need to cover your precious moments on your big day. We cover plenty of wedding venues across Surrey and also extend our services to most parts of London as well. What sets us apart is that we provide professional perspectives to capturing every small detail, at the same time we are approachable and well experienced. Our experience spreads across several hundred weddings over a span of an 18 year long carrier in the filed, you can be rest assured that you are in the hands of the best in the business

The Right Choice For A Wedding Photographer

It’s the most important and memorable day of your life and feeling confident that you have the right person to capture the entire story through the lens paying attention to everything that is happening around the couple as the day unfolds is essential in choosing the right professional. Meeting the photographer in person will give you a sense of how relaxed you are in his presence and at the same time you’ll get a fair idea on whether he’s right choice for you.

Our wedding packages are completely flexible and customized to your needs

we do not believe in cookie cutter weddings as every bride and groom has their own requirements and preferences on the day of the wedding, keeping which in mind we offer a standard three option package that can be customized and tailor-made to match your individual requirements, view our packages and pricing here.

"Dear David, you and your team were extremely professional from the very beginning till the end capturing every little precious moment on film. We were relaxed and comfortable as you and your crew knew exactly what photographs need to be captured in the right fit. I would undoubtedly recommend you to any couple that are looking to tie the knot. "

− Hannah Connolly and Kai Black

"Hi David, on behalf of Dylan and me out like to thank you for the beautiful photographs you captured on our wedding day. Everything that we experienced has been photographed and we couldn’t be more happier than seeing them right in front of us. "

− Dylan Reed and Ruby Stokes

"We reach David for a documentary styled shoot on our big day. We were pleasantly surprised how easily he was able to accommodate our ideas and our approach to it. David had us relaxed and comfortable in our pre-wedding shoot that givers all the confidence we needed to hire them for a wedding."

− Molly Clarke and Archie Oliver

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Keeping technology in check for every bride

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A few mistakes that you can avoid with the use of technology and planning a wedding. Although it’s a boon in using technology stay of have from tech related mistakes in wedding planning.

Going overboard with Pinterest while planning

Pinterest is a great platform for brides and you can easily get carried away with so much of creativity and beauty. Remember that not all what you see in pictures can be easily replicated could suit your theme idea. Pinterest works better as a reference point in collecting ideas that you could share with your vendors.

Leaving your wedding dress photo on the phone

You will want your fiance to stumble upon the dress that you have picked before the wedding and ruin the big surprise. Get your best friend to shoot the photo on her phone instead of yours to refer any point of time.

Assuming that are friends phone could account for a photographer

For such an important day of your life it is best that your friends and family shoot photos as backup photographers to a hired professional. While planning the budgets ensure that you allocate well for a wedding photographer and not rely on apps friends to do the job. You do not want to stand a chance of fuzzy photographs or over exposed ones, well in the professionals to do the job for you.

Buying your dress online

There are plenty of discounts and offers it easy online, and it is very tempting to make a purchase at prices that sound too good to be true. It is best to actually visit the store and try on the fits and cuts that suits your body type rather than only focus on the price of it. The dress gathers a lot of attention and will be captured in photographs as well and you wouldn’t want to be wearing one that does not highlight your best features.

Posting out digital invites

Digital invites take away the charm of the traditional wedding invite that one would receive in their postbox. Having an invite reach your home has been always associated with weddings, and although technology has advanced this is one part that says best the traditional way.

Venting about wedding stresses on social platforms

In the spur of the moment you may take to social media to blow off some steam, but consider that your complaints might be a butt of jokes and may go viral in the public space. It is best that you meet with your close friends in communicate with them rather than regretting sharing your problems with the whole world.

Must Have Wedding Apps For Brides

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Planning a beach wedding? Here is a hands-on guide

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We caught up with Stacy Allen(www.weddingworks.co.in) who recently planned destination wedding in Goa, India, that had a beautiful beach ceremony and the reception and the nearby restaurant. Stacy, specialises in destination weddings across Asia and Europe. Here are her thoughts what you should keep in mind when setting out to plan a beach wedding.

How difficult or easy is it for a couple planning for a destination wedding?

Planning a destination weddings has its own pros and cons, if a couple is visited the location in advance it is much easier for the two of them to picture is the setting. Coordinating with vendors is a most difficult part in the most time-consuming one.

What was a setting for the wedding you recently planned in Goa?

Goa is a beautiful location for a beach wedding, this wedding was a sunset wedding, which had the sounds of the ocean in the background, clear blue skies and the setting sun. We laid out comfortable seating arrangement on the golden sand with floral decor and drapes all across.

How does the couple choose the venues for the ceremony and reception?

We recommend starred hotel chains for clients, as these are easier to coordinate with and setup based on the preferences of the couple. Starred hotels have preallocated space, both indoors and outdoors that the couple can view pictures of and decide upon.

What about travel and accommodation options?

We work with local travel agents that are internationally present making it convenient for reservations and flight plans.

How do you go about choosing vendors? Is negotiating difficult?

We have a small team of local wedding planners present at locations that are experienced and well-qualified in managing a destination wedding that works with shortlisting vendor’s and managing them. Negotiations are also channelized through a local vendors as well.

What destinations a popular? And how many months in advance you required to plan and outstation wedding?

Places such as Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Goa and The Maldives are very popular destinations in Asia. Europe has a few favourites as well such as Paris and Spain. We would require at least 4 to 6 months to plan and outstation wedding depending on the number of guests.

What does one have to plan for will having a wedding on the beach?

The climatic conditions for the day how the first thing one should consider. If the weather is hot and humid providing your guests with easy access to refreshments or hand towels is helpful. If it is a windy evening informing guests in advance so that they accordingly adjust the clothing attire along with the here and make-up. If the evenings get little chillier, inform your guest to carry warm clothing along with them.

Any tips the bride?

Here and make-up can be quite tricky for a wedding on the beach due to the warm weather to make up could wear-off or your hair could be blown with the breeze, so is necessary that you inform your here and make-up stylists in advance so that they can plan accordingly.